I really am very lazy when it comes to blog writing. It’s been at least a year since my last posting. It’s not that I’ve nothing to write about and indeed, I’ve had 3 trips to Italy since then. Venice and Florence – my two favourite cities – but hey, I’m open minded to new experiences!

My husband wanted to visit Pompeii and Herculaneum, so we planned around that. A stay in a villa in Campania (Calvanico) that was fairly remote (and far too big), which took us ages to find late at night in the dark and rain. Thankfully our host was patient and kind.

The following day, we headed to the coast for a meander (not me driving!) trying to avoid the larger towns. We arrived in Positano late afternoon to discover it was closed! Siesta is taken very seriously. Still, a macchiato and gelato and we were on our way again.

Day 2, and we aimed for the port and the fast ferry to Capri. The ferry trip was amazing. By the time we arrived, it had clouded over and it was too choppy for the boats to visit the blue grotto – which was a shame. Capri was overrun with tourists and was extremely expensive. We took the little funicular up to the the town. I was assured by some locals that it was worth spending at least a week there and visiting Ana Capri. (Perhaps next time). Back on the ferry to Naples and a quick walk into the piazza del Plebiscito (grabbing street pizza on the way – yum) before a long drive home.

Day 3. Chilling out in our home from home (which was the former kitchen of a grand crumbling mansion) Husband decided to build a fire in that great big fireplace – despite the extractor, it took hours to clear the smoke! We’d found a great little restaurant up the hill (il rifugio) which we went to nearly every night. Very good quality food and very reasonably priced.

Day 4. Pompeii. A stunningly beautiful place that is sad, poignant and fascinating all at the same time. We spend the full day here and sturdy walking shoes are definitely required. It is so much to take in.

Day 5. We were packing up and had a very late flight out, so we decided to visit Herculaneum this day as doing both is too much. It is more compact a site (as most of it is still under the current town) and very different to Pompeii. Again, it was quite sad to see. We then headed along the coast again. The driving was scary, and we missed the airport parking to take a 10 mile detour (through Naples, in rush hour!) Well, we saw Naples and lived through the rush hour traffic to tell the tale.

I’ve ticked off another Italian region and I’m going to check the map for next year!




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