I purchased a little green leather-bound sketchbook in Florence a few years ago. It had thick handmade paper and a leather thong that wrapped around the outside. I’ve always been creative, but shied away from the blank page. I started doing ‘scratchy’ drawings with a pigment liner. Some successful and some, not so much.

Last year I took the plunge and decided to start to paint. I’d dabbled once or twice over the years but didn’t have knowledge or technique. A friend once remarked that I needed bigger tools, and I replied that if you give me a paintbrush – I’ll decorate your house!

So, off I went to an art studio. I had a subject in mind. It was a place where my family had stayed in Venice five years ago. A beautiful palazzetto in Cannaregio. It was above our budget but when my husband contacted the owner, just to comment on how beautiful it was, she offered him a half price deal as it was empty the week we wanted.

The lovely people at the art studio got me set up but suggested I paint two canvases at the same time. So, here are ‘Fuori’ and ‘Dentro’. (Along with some of my scratchy sketches).



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