My husband organised tickets for a concert, which was, in itself very nice, until he told me it was in Florence. It became a weekend, then a week! As it was a late flight into Pisa, we decided to stay the night there. This would allow us an early start before the hordes around the Torre Pendente. We had a lovely B&B just around the corner. We made it to the top (which was pretty impressive for me as I’m still getting over my broken knee injury, 284 steps – and please note that the marble steps are uneven, slippery and canted whichever way that particular floor was leaning).
Next: pick up a very small car at the airport and head for Lucca, a charming town. A little hairy driving round the narrow streets to our hotel! B&B Rezidenza di Fontana. A lovely place and the two Irenes were so helpful.
We landed in the midst of the jazz festival, not our scene man, but music is music.
We headed south after a couple of days (via Volterra) to San Gimignano. We’d stayed in a lovely self catering place outside the town (Villa Del Sole)that we’d stayed in two years ago. A key attraction being a fantastic swimming pool that had swifts swooping over your head in the late afternoon.
Fantastic scenery and medieval town over the hill. Wandering up the strade bianche under the shade of dark green cypresses, listening to the sound of crickets (I think – every time you get near, they stop!)
We headed to Florence via Fiesole and although it was a long way round, it was worth the view over the city and very hot!
Two passes around the city to get in over the right bridge, and we made it to the car park! A trundle to our apartment (although top floor wasn’t such a good idea) The concert was pretty good although I do have to say that the queuing for tokens and drinks was a bit frustrating.
Ciao Firenze, I’ll be back for longer in September.

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