This is my very first post! I can’t remember when I fell in love with Italy. As a child I had a toy topo gigio (mouse). My love has grown, and with it my travels to various parts of Italy from my native Scotland. Like most Italophiles, I love the language, the food, the colours, the cars, the music and not forgetting – the people. I’d like to share my journeys and observations….so come along, you may fall in love too.

I’ve just returned from a solo trip. A week which took in Florence (my spiritual home), Parma, Riomaggiore – one of the Cinqueterre and Viareggio. A couple of excursions: by boat to Monterosso al Mare past the other cinqueterre towns, Portovenere also by boat and Torre del Lago Puccini included. This was done with the help of Trenitalia and a rather sturdy (but required) walking stick, as I’m recovering from a broken knee.

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